Course Description

55923: Computational Topics in Game Theory

Place and Time

Elath hall, Feldman building (Givat-Ram) — Sundays 12-14 — Fall 2010/11 (תשע”א)


Michal Feldman.

Course Text

The course will be based to a large extent on the book Algorithmic Game Theory (online version).

Syllabus (tentative)

  • Introduction: Games and CS
  • Pure Nash Equilibria
  • Potential Games and Congestion Games
  • Price of Anarchy and of Stability
  • Network creation games and Scheduling Games
  • Coalitions and strong equilibria
  • game-tree evaluation and alpha-beta pruning
  • Mixed Nash equilibrium
  • Nash’s Theorem, Brouwer Fixed point Theorem
  • Social choice theory (Arrow and Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorems, stable matching)
  • Auctions, Mechanisms, and Incentive-Compatibility
  • Combinatorial auctions

Course Requirements

  • Attend (essentially) all classes
  • Solve all homework exercises (there will be 3-4 problem sets during the semester)


Tali Gutman


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