Posted by: Tali Gutman | February 23, 2011

Ex3 Solution Guidlines

Could be found here.

Posted by: Tali Gutman | February 8, 2011

Final grades

Hi everyone,

To those of you who are interested in how the final grades were calculated, here are the details:

The total amount of points that could have been obtained in the course is 105. Those who did another question in ex3 could get up to 110. The grades were calculated as:

min\left(round(\frac{sum\cdot 100}{105}),100\right)

If you submitted an exercise late (without permission), you were penalized with a 3 point reduction from your final grade.

Posted by: Tali Gutman | February 6, 2011

Ex2 post-post-appeal grades, Ex3 grades and appeals deadline

Hi Everyone,

First – here are the final grades for Ex2. If you still want to appeall on ex2 – that’s too bad, you can’t.

Second – Ex3 grades are here, and your exercises (including those you didn’t pick up from ex2) will be waiting for you in Ross -1 (in a red bag, please make sure you return the other exercises to the bag- for your friends).

Third – Appeals for ex3 will be accepted until Feb 20th. That means, you need to email us and coordinate a meeting if necessary.

Tom graded questions 1,2,6, so if you want to appeal on those, contact her at:

tom.ron at hujimail

Tali graded questions 3,4,5 and appeals on those go to:

gutmant at cs

Please state in your email which questions you’re appealing on, what were our grading comments to you and in one line – what’s the dispute. If your claim is simple/trite we’ll save us all the trouble.

Learning from past experiences – note that we grade leniently, and therefore an unjustified appeal will cause grade reductions. Additionally, don’t try to wear us out, we disapprove of the attempt and are well aware of what those attempts cover for.

Tali and Tom

Posted by: Tali Gutman | January 22, 2011

Ex2 grades post appeals, Ex2 solution

Hi Everyone,

To whoever appealed, here is the updated file.

Also, we uploaded a general-guidelines solution for ex2.

– Tali & Tom

Posted by: Tali Gutman | January 11, 2011

Grades for Ex2

Hi Everyone,

Here are the grades for ex2 .

Those of you who skipped class on Sunday (Naughty!!! 😛 ), you’ll find your exercises in my ross box as of tomorrow when I get myself to campus 🙂

Please pick them up by the time you submit ex3.

– Tali

Posted by: Tali Gutman | January 6, 2011

Updated grades of Ex1

To all who have appealed, there’s an updated grade list…

– Tali

Posted by: Tali Gutman | December 22, 2010

Appeals for Ex1

Hi everyone,

Those of you who wish to appeal on Ex1 may do so on Thursday, 30/12 between 14:00 and 15:00, in Ross  -1, room 36.

Those who did not take their graded exercises back may find them in my Ross box.

Have a nice weekend,

– Tali

Posted by: Tali Gutman | December 19, 2010

Ex1: Grades, Grading and Appeals

Hi everyone,

Ex1 grades are out, and the exercises will be returned today in class.

Sorry it took so long, I hope you will find the comments useful. Note that not all comments result in grade reduction, some comments are there as tips and suggestions or mild corrections for you to consider.

If you wish to appeal, follow the appeals guidelines. Please, make sure that  you understand the comments, and how your solution is different from the school solution.

– Tali

Posted by: Tali Gutman | November 29, 2010

Quitting the course?

Hi everyone,

It has been brought to my attention (by Michal) that quite a few of you have quit.

To those who quit – best of luck in your future endeavors!

To those who are still here:

Please email me [gutmant at cs] to tell me that you’re still taking the course. Just write in the subject line something along the lines of “<full name> is still taking the course” without content.

Why? Because I prefer not to grade people’s exercises if they don’t care about it. There’s more to grading than just nailing a number on your answers.

I trust that you don’t need me to invent an incentive-compatible mechanism for this little errand (for kicks, those who send me emails can add as content suggestions for such a mechanism 🙂 )


– Tali

Posted by: Tali Gutman | November 29, 2010

Ex2 is published, and comments on the grading of Ex1

Ex2 has been published and it’s due in two weeks time, Monday, 13/12/2010 (despite what it says on the problem set) at 19:00 [Sharp.], Tali Gutman’s box in Ross 0. Please be concise in your writing and try to avoid submitting it in plastic bags.

Note regarding Ex1: the grading process will take a bit more time than expected due to the large number of submitted exercises. Nevertheless, I will try to publish a file containing common errors by the beginning of next week – so at least you will be able to learn from your mistakes and employ the lessons in Ex2.

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